Donate Stock to the CCLC

It’s easy to transfer stock directly from your broker to our broker. 

Simply write a brief letter to your broker.  You may do it by phone, but we recommend a letter so you will have a tax record.  The letter should indicate that you wish to transfer (x) number shares of (name of company) stock from your account to the Cobscook Community Learning Center. 

Your donation of stock can be wired to our broker using the information that follows:

CCLC Broker:  Wells Fargo

DTC Number:   0141
Account Number:   2330-8408

Stock contributions via our broker do not necessarily identify the donor. 

After arranging for your contribution of stock, please let us know so we can credit and acknowledge your generosity.

Some brokers like to know the Cobscook Community Learning Center’s Tax Identification Number - it is 01-0449348.  This number substantiates that this is a tax-deductible gift.

Wells Fargo will notify the CCLC of your gift, and you should receive an acknowledgement from our office within a few weeks.

If you or your broker have any questions, please email Pat Mallar below, or call (207) 733-2233.

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