Statewide Impact • Maine Indian Tribal-State Commission

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Paul Thibeault is the Managing Director of the Maine Indian Tribal- State Commission (MITSC). Members are chosen by the Governor and Legislature of Maine and the Chiefs of three of Maine’s Tribes (Passamaquoddy, Maliseet, and Penobscot).

CCLC’s multicultural identity, and its welcoming and well-equipped retreat center, informed MITSC’s decision to locate its new office ad- jacent to CCLC. MITSC’s primary goal in the coming years is to help resolve long-standing issues between the State and the Tribes. Paul

shared what the Commission experienced this April during its first meeting at CCLC: “CCLC’s staff, campus and facilities support and inspire our efforts to improve tribal-state relations. It’s more than just a meeting space, there’s a positive and creative energy here.”