Impacts of Collective Contribution

Welcome to the spring/summer edition of Cobscook Currents, CCLC’s bi-annual newsletter. This edition of Cobscook Currents carries our deepest thanks to all who have done their part to bring us to this milestone transition year.  

American troubadour Pete Seeger reflected on what he loved most about music, “What matters is not how good the song is, but what the song is good for!”  What often carries people across the most challenging of times, and inspires the most important change, is the plying together of many voices into one inspired collective expression of what we most value. 

Cobscook Community Learning Center is a beautiful example of what a community of people from near and far can do. Together, we have been creating responsive educational opportunities that strengthen personal, community, and global well-being since CCLC’s founding in 1999. On the pages that follow, we offer stories that highlight what our song is good for--the impacts of our collective contributions on personal, regional, and national scales for each of CCLC’s three divisions: Cobscook Experiential Program for High School Students; TREE: Transforming Rural Experience in Education; and Retreats and Community Programs.  

In this issue, follow the footsteps of Augustus Look, who completed his high school years with Cobscook and looks back on his experiences now that he is a college student. 

Join Milbridge Elementary School Principal, Maria White, and Mental Health Provider, Kandi Robertson, as they reflect on the transformative experience of bringing TREE to life. 

Experience the local and regional impact of CCLC’s Retreats & Community Programs through the story of local artist and mother, Sherry Ashby, and UM Wildlife Biology Professors, Lindsey Seward and Erik Blomberg.

And finally, most importantly, recognize those who contributed financially to help carry CCLC across 2018 and to this threshold year.  The impacts of the future, as with the past, will be a reflection of our collective contributions.  If you are part of CCLC’s circle of support, we cannot thank you enough.  If you are new to CCLC or have not yet joined us as a funding partner, please join us now.  Our future lies in our hands.  Let’s keep these storylines going and growing.

On behalf of CCLC’s board and staff,

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