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Lubec: Moving Event: West Quoddy Head & Lubec Sand Bar

Colin Brown

Join us for an early morning coastal foray with a little hiking!
Quoddy Head State Park is the easternmost point of land in the United States, and is a must-see for any visitor to the area. Carrying Place Cove Bog is considered one of the most significant peatlands in the eastern United States, and the dramatic cliffs are often some of the foggiest on the coast.

A variety of habitats exist at the Park. The Green Point path passes through low dense balsam fir and red spruce forest. The Peat Bog Trail includes a boardwalk over a 7-acre boreal peat bog that is surrounded by black spruce. Many neotropical migrant birds may be seen along the coastal and
inland trails and the bog walk. Permanent residents include Spruce Grouse, Gray Jay, Common Raven, Boreal Chickadee and White-winged and Red Crossbills. Some other species include Common Eider, Merlin, Yellow-bellied Flycatchers, kinglets, Swainson’s, Bicknell's, and Hermit Thrush, two dozen species of warblers, Lincoln’s Sparrows, Dark-eyed Junco, and seabirds.

Along the Lubec Sand Bar we will look for gulls and other sea birds, sea and freshwater ducks, herons, and shorebirds. We may see some migrating shorebirds, although most of those pass through in late summer after breeding in the far north of Canada.

The order in which we will visit locations will be determined by the tides, for the best shorebird viewing.

Meet at the CCLC parking lot to organize carpooling. Restrooms are available there and at Quoddy Head State Park.