TREE Model Design

Excerpt from CCLC's Fall 2017 Newsletter. Read full article here.

TREE’s model design is rooted in an understanding and respect for the community, which only comes through a commitment to thoughtful listening. As we reported in our Spring newsletter, TREE interviewed and listened to 22 administrators and conducted focus groups with 131 teachers and 186 students in Washington County to inform program design. TREE also took care to listen to parents and an array of non-profits working throughout Washington County. We knew the importance of gaining a true sense of both the strengths and challenges for Washington County schools and communities. TREE filled itself with this knowledge and then, in collaboration with educators and researchers from Colby College and the University of Maine, we entered an intensive design process. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 9.45.06 AM.png

With thoughtful listening as a foundation, TREE is now poised to begin working in 3 pilot schools here in Washington County. Milbridge Elementary School has been selected as the first pilot school to receive the full TREE pyramid of supports, with Jonesport Elementary School and Charlotte Elementary School receiving support for meeting basic needs and mental health supports onsite in the first year and then moving to the full model of supports in year two.

Our unique model, using a School Resource Coach to facilitate implementation and ensure fidelity, is represented in this pyramid. All levels are clearly rooted in collaboration and partnership with the school and community.