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Corey & Corey

Eastport Windjammers

Goodwin’s Carpentry

Harris Point Shore Cabins & Motel

Lubec Hardware

Machias Dental, P.A.

Sunrise Canoe and Kayak

Foundations and Institutions


Charles G. Wright Endowment for Humanity

Christ Episcopal Church

David and Dorie Barber Family Fund

Elmina B. Sewall Foundation

Estate of Wardner Gilroy

Fleck Family Gift Fund

Grand Lake Stream Area Chamber of Commerce

Helen and George Ladd Charitable Corporation

Learning Trust of America

Maine Blackfly Breeders Association

Margaret E. Burnham Charitable Trust

Margaret W. Edwards Charitable Fund

Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust

Moose Island Marine

Penobscot County Conservation Association

P.W. Sprague Memorial Foundation

Robbins-de Beaumont Foundation

Ruder Family Foundation - In recognition of our friend Alan Furth

Stone Foundation of New Jersey

Washington County Fund of the Maine Community Foundation


Bob and Ruth Ahrens

Barbara Allen

Jonathan Allen


Bill and Kathy Attick

Jim and Jeanne Backhaus

Virginia Bartlett

Susanne Holt Bear - In memory of Ray Sockabasin

Mark and Kathleen Beaudouin

Nancy Begley

Mary and Bob Belenky

Nancy and Warren Berkowitz - In honor of Sue Furth’s birthday

Bradley and Lorinda Boyd

Margaret Boyle

Audrey and Joseph Bradbury

Katey Branch

Michael and Michelle Bridges

Jane Briggs

Ed and Betty-Jo Brine

Alan Brooks

Betsy Brown and Herb Wilson

Helen Brown

Jan Brown

Lyn Mikel-Brown and Mark B. Tappan - In memory of Diane & Lindy Brown

Lynn Brown and Russell Warne

Pam and Larry Broyhill

Andrew and Lindsey Cadot

Carol Carew

Sue Carroll Duffy and Brian Duffy

Patricia Caya and Steve Erwin

Marcia and Robert Chaffee

Lester and Joyce Coleman

Robert and Jane Cook

Barry Costa-Pierce

Sue and Paul Crawford

Charlotte Cushman

Gary and Judith Delong

Judith Denton Jones and William Jones

Monica and Michael Dimino

Maxene Doty

Carol and David Dowley

Judy East

Rhonda Feiman and Petra Hall

Gail and Thomas Finlay

Harold Fogelson, M.D.

George and Pat Fowler

Paul Francis and Titia Hulst

Rees and Joanna Frescoln

Pat Fry

Bill and Heungboc Fulton

Abe and Heather Furth

Alan Furth and Katie McGregor

Alexandra Furth

Eileen Furth

Jane Furth and August Matzdorf

Sue Furth

Judy Futch and Paul Smith

Cate and Dick Gilbane

Monica Goodwin

Christopher and Rachel Goodwin

David Gorsline

Betty Grant

Ginny Green and Larry Lutz

Charles and Elizabeth Greenland

Peter Grua and Mary O’Connell

Penny Guisinger and Kara McCrimmon

Ellen Harasimowicz - In honor of Glenn & Jane Page

Diana and Robert Harding

Dana and Dixie Hatton

Sam Hayward

John Heald

Phyllis Henigson

Scott Hicks

Sandra Hodgdon

Mark Hoffman

Hans Holznagel and Kathryn Harlow

Ryan Holznagel

Dick Hoyt and Jean Bookman

Sheila and Barry Huckins

Buckley and Diane Hugo

Nancy Hume and Jim Merlihan

Jeffrey Johnson

Gwendolyn Jones

Stephen and Becky King

Elen Knott

Elizabeth Koopman

Margaret Kravchuk and Harold Hamilton

Pamela Kristan

Melissa Lee and Eric Lookbaugh

Mary Lemmon

Rich and Darcy Lettieri

Hildie Lipson

Lisa Llorente

Duane and Carol Lowenstein

Ann Luginbuhl

Arnie Macdonald and Liza Moore

John and Sue MacGregor

Paul and Barb MacGregor

Terry MacGregor

Pat Mallar

Joanne Marian

Charley Martin-Berry and Jake Berry

Sue and Mike McCrimmon

Andrew and Becky McKenna

Paul McKinney

George and Rose Mellors

Leonard and Renee Minsky

Elizabeth and Richard Mistler

Molly Mithoefer

William and Beth Morrill

Brian Mozeliak

Alex Naar

Sally Nelson

Wayne and Sandy Newell

Paul and Sue Newlin

Christopher Niles

Richard Norton

Stephen and Cynthia O’Brien

Dayle Owen

Ken and Stephanie Page

Virginia Parsons

Audrey Patterson

Wayne and Gail Peters

Fred Pierce

Joann Portalupi and Ralph Fletcher

James and Kathryn Porter

Lanette Pottle

Judy Pratt and Nicky Duenkel

Drs. Charles F. and Esther Rauch

David Ray and Kay Loftus-Ray

Jeremy and Suzanne Ray

Howard Reed and Judith Ashley

Ala and William Reid

Ellen Anderson and Edward Reilly

Lew and Bunny Richards

Allen and Anne Rudolph

Gordon Russell

Ed Sakai

Stephen and Susan Sanfilippo

Sallie and William Satterthwaite

Julia Schulz

Kristine Schwartz

Annie Seegmiller

Dwight and Melinda Seegmiller

Gayle Shaw and Sara Treat

Emmett Shell - In honor of Frank Trocco

Ann and David Simmons

M.J. Smith

Michael Smith

Brian Souers

Dr. and Mrs. David Sousa

Jack and Denise Spaulding

Hans and Ellie Spiegel

Bruce Stahnke

Richard and Janice Stanhope

Erin Stevens

Bobbie Stoll and Holly Gray

Sarah and Paul Strickland

Lisa Suarez and Bart Brizee

Shelagh Talbot

Richard Tappan

Merlin Taylor

Pam Taylor

Stewart and Kathleen Taylor

Ben Thompson and Tatiana Greene

Lisa and Kevin Thompson

Frank Trocco

T. Hans and Rosemary Underdahl

Geri Valentine

Michelle and Steve Van Hoose

Trudy Vandell and Margie Stein

John and Terry Viselli

Katherine Warren

Pat Warner and Geer Morton

Damon Weston and Molly McDonald

Paul and Janet Weston

Jean White

David Winski and Laurel Storm

Thomas White

Sidney Williams

Pierre Woog and Kendall Zeigler-Woog

Mark and Arlene Wren

Kirstin Hotelling Zona

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