Ashley Cirone, TREE Resource Coach


A Washington County native, Ashley attended Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill, MA where she gained insight through working within numerous Boston Public Schools before earning her B.A. in Psychology with a concentration in Early Childhood Education. 

Upon moving back to Maine, Ashley spent time as a substitute teacher and educational technician before becoming a classroom teacher at Jonesport Elementary. During these experiences, she developed a special interest in finding new ways to help children struggling within the typical classroom environment. 

In 2013, Ashley earned her Master’s degree in Special Education and transitioned into Special Education Case Management where she taught within Resource Rooms at Jonesport Elementary and Narraguagus Jr. High School. She decided to leave the classroom to join the TREE team with hopes of further developing tools for creating supportive environments where all children and their families can thrive through strengthening partnerships with school and community. 

Ashley resides in Cherryfield, ME with her husband Brad Cirone, their children Anabella and Landon, and dogs Fenway and Faith.

Michelle Cousineau, Administrative Aid

Michelle Cousineau Sized.jpg

Michelle began work with CCLC as an Artist in Residence and Pottery Instructor in April of 2017.  Having varied and resilient skills, she currently works as an Administrative Assistant in Recreational and Community Programs and also assists the Development team.

Michelle is a Maine Native, from Waterville, and is a proud member of the Acadian French Community and has many relatives in Maine and in various Canadian communities.  She also lived in Southport, NC for 20 years before returning to Washington County, the place that has always felt like home.   She has five grandchildren in the area.

Her professional career has been extremely diverse, from teaching English and French, to working as Curator for a small Botanical Garden in North Carolina, to and serving as President and CEO of a small S-Corp, Spencer Pottery, Inc.   In Community work, she has served on Keep Brunswick County Beautiful, Brunswick County, North Carolina, has administered a sizeable grant to create Caswell Avenue Community Garden in Southport, NC, and has been a member of a large Cooperative Gallery and Art Studio, Associated Artists of Southport, NC. 

Michelle holds a BA in English from the University of Maine.  She believes that learning is a lifelong adventure, and in the nineties, she began learning ceramic arts, attending community colleges and professional pottery workshops from various Nationally and Internationally recognized artists to arrive at a professional level of knowledge.  Still later, she earned a Graduate Certificate in Horticulture from North Carolina State University.  She hopes to always continue learning.

Outside of work, Michelle pursues her personal passion for the Arts in her private studio, Orange River Artisans, in Whiting, Maine.  She also enjoys cooking vegetarian and vegan food, practicing yoga and meditation, swimming laps, and renovating a small cabin in the woods of Whiting where she hopes to live a quiet life until the end of her days.  She hopes to write a new song or two, accompanied by her old Yamaha, a friend since high school. 

Ryan Cross - Groundskeeper/Maintenance

Eastport, ME
(207) 733-2233

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Ryan is a local artisan, having lived in Washington County most of his life. He served on the Board of Directors at the CCLC in 2013, and is now working part time as Groundskeeper.  Ryan specializes in Fine Art Pyrography (Woodburning) along with Paper Mache', Driftwood, Land Art, Sharpie doodling, Gardening, Mandalas, Helping, Listening, Learning, Growing, Giving, Balancing, Breathing and Bee-ing.  Ryan's self-described journey here is about two things; self-discovery in relationship to others and learning how to manage and balance the divine feminine and masculine creative energy in a way that reveres ALL life and inures to the benefit of the Whole. Ryan's artistic calling includes consciously co-creating safe and sacred spaces, which allow a flow of growth, creativity and imagination. When you look around the CCLC campus, Ryan's creativity and imagination are evident everywhere Ryan has touched the campus.



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