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East Stream Trail 

Trail Head: Behind Don Furth Band Stand (see inside map).
Trail Length: Approx. one mile from CCLC to Dennison Point Trail.  Approx. 1/2 mile from Dennison Point Trail back to CCLC via Commissary Point Rd.

The CCLC is situated on an old farmstead which abuts East Stream on its south and east edge. To the north of the campus is the Commissary Point Wildlife Management Area, a 430 acre plus parcel managed by Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. CCLC staff and volunteers worked with regional IF&W staff to create the East Stream Trail, a beautiful hiking path through the CCLC property which links with the Dennison Point Trail at Commissary Point.

The East Stream Trail crosses rocky outcrops, meanders along tidal East Stream, passes through distinctive tree stands, winds through a low lying cedar-dominated area, crosses in three places a snaking stream, and joins with the Dennison Point Trail at the top of a tree-lined lane. 

The East Stream Trail is open for low-impact recreation, including hiking, wildlife watching, snowshoeing, and skiing.  The Center encourages trail users to be familiar with and practice Leave No Trace ethics.