How do I check out?
Please leave the key on the windowsill or turn them in to your group leader.
Are the fire exits clearly marked?
Yes. Upon arrival in your room please refer to the fire ext map located on the back of your room door. The map shows the quickest exit route in case of fire.
The blinds in the room are beautiful. How do I make them work?
Pull down or push up on the blinds or use the cord provided.
Are the room lockers assigned?
Yes. You will receive a key specific to a locker in your room.
How much does it cost to do a load of laundry?
It requires $2 to wash and $2 to dry. Quarters are availabe by calling extension 342 or 339 on any phone.
How do I get extra sheets or towels?
Each guest receives their own sheets and towels, there are a limited amount of extra sheets and towels located in the laundry room.
How do I control the temperature of my room?
Each room has a thermostat. Use the up/down arrows to select the desired temperature. Please contact a staff member if your room is not heating up.
Are the rooms air-conditioned?
In Maine, we have natural air-conditioning. Please feel free to open the windows in your room and common areas. There are fans in each room. It works well if you place the fan on the floor facing up in front of the window.
Is the 1st floor lobby available at all hours?
Yes. Please be mindful of quiet hours, 10 pm-7 am.
May I use the 1st floor kitchen?
Yes. The kitchen is fully equipped with stove, microwave oven, and refrigerator at your convenience.
Is the library available to everyone?
Yes. Please remove shoes before entering. Feel free to peruse the reading materials there. If you take a book to your room, please return it to the library, when done. Occasionally, the library is used for classes or groups. Please be quiet/respectful while looking for books.
Is there smoking allowed in the lodge?
No. There is no smoking allowed anywhere within Heartwood Lodge. You are allowed to smoke on the grounds of the Cobscook Community Learning Center.
Is the drinking of alcoholic beverages allowed in the lodge?
Consumption of alcoholic beverages (beer and wine) is allowed only at catered events and in the lodge lobby and bedrooms.
Is food allowed in the rooms?
Yes. Cooking is only allowed in the 1st floor kitchen and apartment.
Are guests allowed in the rooms?
Yes, if someone wishes to pay for an extra guest.
Is tipping allowed/encouraged?
No, tipping CCLC staff is unnecessary.
Who do I contact in an emergency?
First call 911 (Dial 8 first on lodge phones for an outside line) than call Kevin Thompson at 271-1259.
Are pets allowed in the lodge?
No. Only service dogs are allowed in common areas and lodge rooms.
Will I be charged roaming fees on my cell phone?
Since we are close to the Canadian border there is the possibility of roaming charges. Please be aware that Atlantic Time (in Canada) is an hour later and your smartphone may change to that time. You may dial locally from the lobby phone. Just dial “8” first.



Pets (except for service dogs) are not allowed inside Heartwood Lodge, The Commons and Rice Hall. They are free to enjoy the grounds of the CCLC but only on leash.


Consumption of alcoholic beverages (beer and wine) is allowed only at catered events and in the lodge lobby and bedrooms.