Nestled in the woods of coastal, eastern Maine on the CCLC's fifty acre campus, Heartwood Lodge is designed to be an efficient, comfortable, and affordable place to stay while attending educational events, conferences, and retreats.

The Lodge is a unique facility which accommodates up to fifty people in thirteen dormitory style bunk rooms, each with a private bathroom, and includes a studio/efficiency apartment, lobby space and library. Along with our conference, dining, and classroom spaces, it's a perfect space for groups to gather for focused, creative time together.

Solar Energy, Locally Harvested Wood, and a Commitment

Heartwood Lodge was built with locally sourced materials, by local tradespeople, using energy efficient, eco-friendly building practices. The Lodge is a perfect example of inventive architecture fitting perfectly with nature. All hot water and heat for the building are provided by locally harvested wood and solar energy.

Heartwood Lodge uses the GARN Wood Heating System. Think of the GARN as a big tank of water that you heat by burning wood. We don’t modulate the fire. The entire wood load is burned quickly while the heat is dumped into the large water tank. By doing so, we get a cleaner, more efficient burn. That means less wood, less work, and less smoke.


When a thermostat calls for heat, a pump turns on and draws the hot water out of the GARN's tank and into your heated space for distribution. For water usage at the Lodge, the first line of heating is through the solar panels located on the roof. Should the solar not rise to the occasion, the GARN kicks in, and if that is not sufficient, electricity powers on.