Personal Impact • Augustus Look

Gus 3.jpg

Augustus Look struggled in school before he came to the Cobscook Experiential Program. He described his former self as not suited for typical classroom work and he dreaded going to school. After his first few years at Cobscook, however, he realized he looked forward to returning to school daily. Augustus earned his high school diploma through the Cobscook Experiential Program in June 2018 and he is already finishing his second semester as a student at the University of Maine at Machias.

Reflecting on his high school years at Cobscook, Augustus recalled one of his first school trips to hike a mountain. He remembered struggling on the hike, but being encouraged along the way by his teacher, Michael Giudilli. Upon arriving at the summit, Augustus’ classmates celebrated his accomplishment and congratulated him. He was elated by that demonstration of caring and was committed to returning the favor and “building others up” moving forward.

“Cobscook is really good at bringing people together to accomplish a goal or to help each other,” Augustus said. “It’s shaped my outlook on how I treat other people. The two biggest impacts I experienced at Cobscook were problem-solving skills and critical thinking. I will always remember CCLC fondly for how it treats its students and community members.”