Founder Story • Jim Miner

Jim always believed that “traditional education isn’t for everyone” and that Washington County needed a place that would promote experiential learning. When he heard of the initial conversations about creating a place to provide responsive educational opportunities that ultimately led to the founding of CCLC, he knew he could offer his skills.

Broad Impact of Experiential Education • Kara McCrimmon

Broad Impact of Experiential Education  •  Kara McCrimmon

“Learning by doing” is core to experiential education. Cobscook Experiential Program’s hands-on experiences allow for reflection and skill growth, yielding academic knowledge and much more. Here’s a glimpse: Cobscook’s fall expedition focused on regional history in the 1600’s. Students explored Salem, MA to understand what led to the Salem Witch Trials; learned from the Wampanoag people about their history and experiences today; explored the economic factors driving Europeans to colonize North America; and visited Plimoth Plantation, a hands-on living history site.

Personal, Regional, National, Global: CCLC’s Retreat Center is ready to serve your needs.

DOORS ARE OPEN to our newly completed and expanded campus! Three bright new rooms now seat an additional 130 people for professional workshops, immersion learning opportunities, messy group projects, family reunions and more. Added to our 50-bed lodge, commercial kitchen, cozy dining room, timber frame amphitheater and outdoor pizza oven, miles of trails, and a range of program offerings—we are ready to host!

Ways of Giving: It has never been easier, or more important

Ways of Giving: It has never been easier, or more important

The impact and growth reflected in this Cobscook Currents only happens through the generosity and support of CCLC’s celebrated circle of donors. Donations of any size fuel our ongoing impact. If you are a member of CCLC’s circle of support, thank you so much for your part in CCLC’s growth. If you have not contributed in the past, please join us now, and help launch CCLC into its next 20 years.