The Growing Season: Nourishment and Tending

Welcome to the Spring/Summer Cobscook Currents, the edition that spans “the growing season.”  

In this edition, we thank and honor each of you who so generously contributed the essential gifts of funding, time, and talent to carry us across 2017 and into another cycle of generative work to meet our mission to create responsive educational opportunities that strengthen personal, community, and global well-being. 

2018 is a special year. Here’s why:

  • It marks Cobscook Community Learning Center’s journey across its 20th year!
  • Cobscook Experiential Program graduates the first group of students who have completed all four years of high school in the program!  Join us for graduation on June 11th as we celebrate our students with their families and friends and with our partner, Calais High School.
  • TREE, Transforming Rural Experience in Education, was formally launched with three Washington County partner schools in January.  TREE is a 5-year research pilot project aimed to strengthen schools and communities by developing a strengths–based, poverty-, trauma-, and equity-informed approach that will fortify rural school environments and lead to healthier and more successful outcomes.
  • CCLC’s classroom building will be completed later this year, making our campus an even more ideal site for intensive immersion programs, workshops, and retreats.  Visit our website or call to arrange for your retreat, workshop or event at CCLC!
  • And, finally, CCLC has initiated a thoughtful executive leadership succession process in which founding Executive Director Alan Furth shifts to serve CCLC’s mission and goals as Development Director, and, new Interim Executive Director Sanna McKim guides our staff and works with the board to help inform the future work of CCLC and assist in preparing the organization to welcome its next permanent Executive Director. 

This is such an important and exciting time for CCLC!  It is a time for thanks and for focus as we work together each day building upon all that has been accomplished in the first twenty years, tending this season’s essential educational programs, and preparing the ground for the next generation of CCLC’s service in our communities. 


With special thanks to you all,

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