Staff Profile: Ryan Cross

Ryan Headshot for Newsletter.jpg

Joined: 2013

Ryan’s Impact: Ryan is responsible for the maintenance and landscaping on CCLC’s campus. He imparts a sense of whimsy and care throughout the campus. From elaborate gardens to secret elf doors to smiley faces in snow piles, Ryan brings intention and talent to every corner of CCLC.

Ryan first came to CCLC as a class participant then a volunteer board member. After considerable volunteer-work, he became a member of the staff. In his own words, “I cannot shake the cosmic nudge to serve. To me, this was and is the type of place the world needs: a safe place for growth that welcomes all.” His co-workers rhapsodize about his infectious smile, hardworking nature, and artistic talent. In response to one of Ryan’s landscape creations, one co-worker said, “The beautiful heart-shaped landscape piece he created moved me to tears when I looked out my office window.”