Staff Profile: Pat Mallar

Portrait by Ellen Harasimowicz

Portrait by Ellen Harasimowicz

Joined: 2005

Pat’s Impact: Pat’s attention to detail combined with her compassionate nature makes her approachable and easy to work with while ensuring the critical financial and human resource details that keep an organization functioning are in order. While she is often behind the scenes making payroll and health insurance happen for CCLC staff, one co-worker said, “when I am unsure of a work situation and even in a personal situation, sitting with Pat always makes me feel better.”

Pat was introduced to CCLC when she attended two workshops in its early years focused on giving voice to community needs and promoting social change for women. She became even more drawn to CCLC when she learned of its focus on promoting wellbeing for all. When CCLC called on her to help with payroll on a day thereafter dubbed “Pat Mallar Day” due to her critical support in a time of need, she decided to stay on as a permanent employee. When describing her dedication to CCLC over the years she reflected, “It feeds me on a personal level to be a part of CCLC’s mission, vision, and values.”

“I look at the CCLC as a navigational aid—a lighthouse with a bright beacon, helping people navigate new experiences, education, and community cohesiveness. People are learning, prospering and growing, in ways they maybe never could have imagined, because of the CCLC. I know I have, as both an employee and as a participant.”

The warmth that Pat imbues her work with at CCLC came through in reflections from her co-workers. From supplying water balloons to liven up the annual Pat Mallar Day celebration to welcoming newcomers, distributing paychecks, overseeing finances and being an empathetic listener, Pat makes CCLC’s work possible and the workplace welcoming. As one co-worker put it, Pat “naturally makes a workplace feel like home.”