Staff Profile: Bonnie Lyons

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Joined: 2005

Bonnie’s Impact: Bonnie takes great pride in keeping CCLC buildings clean so that everyone who spends any time on campus feels welcome and comfortable. She also volunteers for CCLC promoting programs and opportunities within her hometown of Lubec.

Bonnie started working at CCLC in 2005. What began as a convenient job opportunity grew into much more—a warm workplace community that she grew to love. “I love my job and all my co-workers. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else,” she said. Bonnie’s co-workers spoke to her commitment not only to facility cleanliness but also to being a lifelong learner that encourages others to do the same. She promotes, attends, and volunteers at CCLC classes and events, especially if they have to do with her personal passions in permaculture. Bonnie even volunteered to conduct interviews for CCLC’s TREE program. As one of her co-workers put it, “I often leave Bonnie and think, ‘wow—there is nothing that woman can’t do.’”