The Growing Season: Nourishment and Tending

The Growing Season: Nourishment and Tending

Welcome to the Spring/Summer Cobscook Currents, the edition that spans “the growing season.” In this edition, we thank and honor each of you who so generously contributed the essential gifts of funding, time, and talent to carry us across 2017 and into another cycle of generative work to meet our mission to create responsive educational opportunities that strengthen personal, community, and global well-being. 2018 is a special year.

Common Focus, Collective Impact: Meeting some of the people behind CCLC

There is a human being behind each contribution to CCLC. Each gift is received and acknowledged as a personal expression of support or participation, and each is essential. This edition of Cobscook Currents celebrates some of the many people whose energies combine to keep CCLC’s innovative programs and welcoming facilities going and growing. The articles that follow feature donors, community partners, and CCLC staff members who represent the heart and soul of the CCLC.

From the Heart: A Thank You to Michael and Monica Dimino

Michael and Monica are very much global citizens. Monica has been a professional astrologer since 1970 and enjoys a large international clientele. Michael is a multilingual Harvard graduate who, for the past thirty years, has served as a business adviser with the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center, helping immigrants, artists, writers, and other entrepreneurs strive to transform dreams into reality. Monica and Michael love CCLC’s mission and vision, its impact, and the promise it holds; their support can be seen and felt at CCLC every day.

Staff Profile: Pat Mallar

Pat’s Impact: Pat’s attention to detail combined with her compassionate nature makes her approachable and easy to work with while ensuring  the critical financial and human resource details that keep an organization functioning are in order. While she is often behind the scenes making payroll and health insurance happen for CCLC staff, one co-worker said, “when I am unsure of a work situation and even in a personal situation, sitting with Pat always makes me feel better.”

Staff Profile: Kevin Thompson

Kevin’s Impact: Through his drive to help CCLC provide opportunities that might not otherwise be available, Kevin does whatever it takes to support CCLC’s work. From combing through the facilities during power outages and snowstorms to making sure everything is functioning to managing the entire information technology system to providing pottery classes to the community, one co-worker described Kevin as “the axle that keeps the CCLC turning.”

Heartwood Classrooms Campaign and Construction: Approaching the Finish Line for Both!

The race is on!  The last Northern White Cedar shingle from Phil Gardner’s shingle mill will have been nailed into place by Chris Goodwin’s skilled team of builders by the time this newsletter hits the press. Thank you to the many businesses, foundations, and individuals who have carried this campaign so close to the finish line!

At the time of this writing we have, with the remaining 100 Hearts pledges, $17,797 to secure. Please help us cross the finish line this year!  Thank you.

Staff Profile: Michael Giudilli

Michael’s Impact: Michael first came to CCLC not in response to an open position, but with an idea for an outdoor program that would be accessible to Washington County youth. He helped create and run the Cobscook Outdoor Adventure Club to make outdoor programs for 8-14 year-olds accessible, then became a teacher for the Cobscook Experiential Program, where he continues to teach and learn with high school students through outdoor, hands-on experiences.