Heartwood Lodge Update

By Avery Danforth, Manager of Retreats and Community Programming

Heartwood Lodge is putting out the welcome mat for its third year of operations, and the fifty-bed building has never looked better.  Our team takes great pride and care in the day-to-day maintenance and comforts associated in helping visitors settle in and relax for their stay. Whether the experience at the CCLC is for a couple of hours or several weeks, each visitor discovers something new about their group, their field of interest, and themselves.

“Heartwood Lodge was the perfect place for our retreat. It’s a welcoming, beautiful, affordable setting. And, the food was delicious!”
— Jamie Bissonette Lewey, Chair, Maine Indian Tribal State Commission, Director, A Center for Community Healing


In the past year, biology students, teachers, birders, culinary artists-in-training, physicians, fishermen, potters, geologists, Wabanaki youth, boards and organizational leaders, community groups, and many more, have all utilized the Lodge in their own unique way. Some groups use the Lodge only for sleeping, while spending their daylight hours in the Commons classroom, or exploring the greater Downeast region’s extraordinarily diverse natural and social communities. Others find the beauty, quiet, and intimacy of the Lodge’s library or lounge to be a perfect setting for their retreats.


“The strength of your educational programs is truly impressive and your facility is the best I’ve seen in the state for conducting an overnight retreat.”
— Shane Moeykens, Ph.D., UM, Director of Research Administration & EPSCoR

Hand-in-hand with the Lodge, the Commons has been providing the space for workshops and retreats at the CCLC since 2007. While we strive to complete the Heartwood Classrooms, the Commons remains the focal point for meals, concerts, lectures, private events, and classes. The Commons also houses one of the CCLC’s most well-loved and utilized facilities, the community arts and pottery studio.  


The CCLC was equipped with distance learning technology in 2007 and a second unit was added in 2011. This feature has been invaluable for creating access to education and collaboration. Our distance learning infrastructure has recently expanded to include a state-of-the-art Polycom video conferencing system with interactive white board. This technology supports connections between our geographically distant communities. It is used by several groups, including those working to increase opportunities and infrastructure associated with the marine economy and the health of Washington County residents. The three units are available to anyone utilizing the CCLC for educational or enrichment purposes. 

“Heartwood Lodge is the perfect place for students of the environment to study field ecology and applied conservation biology, and is a naturalist’s paradise.”
— Lindsay Seward, UMaine Faculty and Program Coordinator

The richness of the Heartwood Lodge experience is reflected in the comments, like those offered on this page, that we often receive from programs and individuals that access the campus. Please consider this an invitation to think of Heartwood Lodge as a perfect setting and resource for upcoming programs, events, or educational offerings! The CCLC staff are available to guide you through the planning process and ensure that your group experiences the depth that our campus and this region offers. 

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