On The Home Stretch to Campus Completion!

In 2002, eight local high school students worked with CCLC co-founder Dute Francis and landscape architect Todd Richardson to create a thoughtful and beautiful design for CCLC’s campus. CCLC’s classrooms and meeting space, the final feature of their design, will be completed and open for business by April 1, 2019! General contractor Chris Goodwin and architect Bruce Stahnke are working with the CCLC team to ensure the same sense of beauty, welcome, and quality of craftspersonship that went into Heartwood Lodge, described by a recent visitor on page 8, is felt by everyone who enters the classrooms and meeting spaces. Sign up now to be one of the first to enjoy CCLC’s new building. Visit our website or contact Daphne Loring, Retreats & Community Programs Coordinator, at 207-733-2233 or daphne@thecclc.org for more information or to book a stay.