Cobscook Experiential Program for High School Students

By Kara McCrimmon, Lead Teacher

Cobscook students working on Story Maps about their recent canoe trip.

Cobscook students working on Story Maps about their recent canoe trip.

When I saw an ad in the back of a Sierra Club magazine advertising a traveling, outdoor-based environmental education graduate program nearly two decades ago, I knew I’d found an educational opportunity that would complement my college experiences perfectly. That program changed my perception of education and my life. It was transformative.

A few weeks ago I was on the phone with an area elementary principal. He had just run into a former student (and a recent Cobscook grad). The new college freshman left his new group of friends, sat down with his former principal, and said, “I wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t directed me to Cobscook.” For him, Cobscook was transformative.

Legacy refers to something passed on from one’s predecessors. I was fortunate to participate in a transformative learning community as a graduate student, and even more fortunate to work with others to create Cobscook Experiential Program for high school students almost a decade ago. I received a notion of what education can be, and had a chance to pass that along to others. As an educator today, I work to pass along that legacy of transformative education to today’s students, believing that they will be the ones who will pass it along down the road.

“I’m so excited that I get to go to school here,” chimed a new Cobscook student last week. “At my old school my confidence was here [holding a level hand by her waist]. Now my confidence is here [moves her hand to her neck].”

This is what every teacher wants to hear –and every supporter of CCLC should celebrate. As we move into the future, we will hone and grow our curriculum to stay current with student needs. Thank you for supporting the legacy of Cobscook – a vibrant learning community that meets students where they are and provides a unique and transformative pathway through school and beyond.