CCLC’s Emerging Future

By Sarah Strickland, Board President

CCLC’s journey over the next twenty years will be shaped by the global challenges facing our planet and how people anticipate and respond to them locally. CCLC’s emerging future is grounded in its commitment to:

  • Contribute all of its experience, expertise and campus resources to local partnerships and initiatives so shared goals and benefits are achieved in Washington County.

  • Share its growing expertise in student engagement; place and experience-based immersion learning; and poverty/trauma informed school cultures through partnerships that improve childrens’ and families’ lives.

  • Be a place-based learning environment in which students of all ages can better understand complex, global macro issues in a microenvironment.

  • Be an innovative Cobscook Bay campus for organizations so that they can provide unique immersion learning and cross-cultural education.

Thank you for your part in CCLC’s story and we welcome your participation in its emerging future.