Featured Funder: Hannah Quimby, Quimby Family Foundation

By Hazel Stark

Hannah Quimby.jpg

One of the vital channels nourishing the CCLC’s roots is its funders. The Quimby Family Foundation, which supports Maine-based nonprofits that are fostering stronger relationships between people and nature for the benefit of human wholeness, has been a generous supporter of the CCLC since 2001. We are delighted to feature their Board Director, Hannah Quimby, in this edition of Cobscook Currents.

I asked Hannah what draws her to the CCLC from both mission
and funding perspectives: “I am drawn to the fact that the CCLC
is nding multiple ways of reaching people by creating diverse
programs that are broad and relevant to people in the community. This care for community, the planet, and the individual all seem woven into the fabric of what CCLC is as an organiza- tion and those pieces are fundamental to human wholeness.”

Hannah went on to share that helping fund the CCLC makes her feel like a true partner, “not simply someone writing a check,” due to the level of transparency and collaboration the CCLC embodies. Beyond the Quimby Family Foundation’s connection to the mission of the CCLC from a values-alignment and funding perspective, Hannah clearly sees the CCLC as more than just the sum of its parts: “Just as the roots of a tree are the anchor providing nourishment to the rest of the tree, allowing the tree to then in uence air quality and human health, the CCLC is an anchor of well-being, nourishing the individual, the community, and ultimately the environment in which it exists.”