Cobscook seeks young people who…

  • Want to learn in a small group environment 
  • Are looking for opportunities to succeed as a learner 
  • Are interested in learning more about the community in which they live 
  • Enjoy working with their fellow students on group projects 
  • Are interested in traveling throughout the region, state and beyond 
  • Want to do something positive in their community 


Additionally, we have a set of expectations, which we call our Commitments, that we ask all students to agree to during their participation in the program. These commitments are part of the boundaries that allow us to have safe and positive experiences as we travel throughout Washington County and beyond. Students and families should review the Commitment Contract in advance of applying to the program. We expect that participants will not simply grudgingly agree to the Commitments. A student should fully understand and agree to the Commitments as part of their participation in the program. 


The application process:

  1. Find out about the program: schedule a visit, read the information on the website, or get in touch with our staff. 
  2. Submit an application, along with your transcript and two references. You can submit your application electronically via our website, or send us a paper copy in the mail. 
  3. Once we receive your application materials, we’ll contact you to schedule an interview, which can last up to two hours. 
  4. After your interview, our committee will review your application materials and make a determination. This process can take a week or two. 

Have Any Questions?

Use the form below to send an email, or call us at 207-733-2233 and ask for Kara (ext 312) or Michael (ext 320).

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