The CCLC partners with Calais High School to offer an accredited course of study for students in the Cobscook Program. Cobscook students are enrolled in eight courses each year, which are fully aligned with the Maine Learning Results and the national Common Core Standards.

Our program is highly influenced by methods of experiential education, which is focused on direct experience followed by focused reflection. Experiential education can be found in outdoor education programs, environmental education programs, cooperative education, and service learning projects, all of which are woven into the Cobscook experience. Cobscook students find themselves engaged in projects on the CCLC campus and around the community, while also focusing on core academic skills.

Students may currently choose to participate in a one year, two year, or three year program – our goal is to offer a full four-year high school curriculum in the future. Below are courses we have offered most recently – we update the curriculum each year. Please be in touch to learn more about the current curriculum.

Year A:

  • Language as a Means of Self-Expression (English 9-12)
  • Geology and Natural History of Passamaquoddy Bay (Earth Science)
  • Math (Basic Math—Algebra 2 & Trigonometry)
  • Politics and Participation (Government)
  • Work & Livelihood—Downeast and Beyond (Career Prep)
  • Art Explorations (Art)
  • Outdoor Skills (Physical Education)
  • Learning Communities: Group Dynamics, Conflict Resolution, and Decision Making (Elective Credit)


Year B:

  • Language as a Means of Self-Expression (English 9-12)
  • Bio-ecology of Passamaquoddy Bay (Biology)
  • Math (Basic Math—Algebra 2 & Trigonometry)
  • US History from the Downeast Perspective (US History)
  • Computer Technology and Arts (Computer)
  • Personal and Community Health and Wellness (Health)
  • Outdoor Leadership (Physical Education)
  • Learning Communities: Methods of Independent Learning and Self-Directed Study (Elective Credit)


We also have the flexibility to design independent study courses as necessary, including SAT prep for juniors and dual enrollment courses with UMM or WCCC and community internships for selected juniors and seniors.