Video Conferencing at the CCLC

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Campus Systems

There are a variety of ways to video conference on our campus. The entire campus has high-speed commercial wi-fi and a dedicated fiber connection, which can support many high quality video conferences at once.

There are several professional video conferencing setups across the campus, which provide excellent quality video and audio.

Using Zoom

CCLC Zoom Account

The CCLC has a dedicated guest Zoom account with Room Connector available for use with our systems at no extra charge.

Other Zoom Accounts

Please note that due to the specialized equipment used on the campus, most Zoom accounts are not compatible with our room systems. A Zoom account with the optional Room Connector upgrade may be used, learn more about the paid upgrade here.

If you would still like to use your own Zoom account without Room Connector, you must bring your own video conferencing equipment (computer, camera, microphone, etc.). We don’t recommend this, as the video and audio quality are severely reduced with consumer equipment.

Other Video Conferencing Services

The systems on campus can also be used to call other organizations with similar setups. The systems are also compatible with any Amazon Chime account.