Video Conferencing at the CCLC

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On Campus

There are a variety of ways to video conference on our campus. The entire campus has high-speed commercial wifi, which can support several high-res video conferences at once.

We have several built-in video conferencing systems on campus. These systems are compatible with Amazon Chime, and can also call other organizations with similar setups.

The CCLC also uses Zoom for video conferences that don't use the built-in conferencing equipment. 

These buildings have dedicated video conferencing equipment:

The Commons

The Commons has a large multimedia system that consists of a whiteboard, interactive projector, and Polycom video conferencing unit. The Polycom is our largest video conferencing unit and supports Amazon Chime, as well as calls to other organizations with H.323 equipment.

Rice Hall

Rice Hall has two video conferencing systems. Both support Amazon Chime and H.323 calls. One is in the conference room, which can seat up to 8 people and has a large flatscreen. The other is a portable unit, which can be used in the main room or classroom, and also includes a large flatscreen. 

Learn more about these buildings below, and contact us to discuss using video conferencing equipment.

Building System Support

Support documents are available below for assistance using the equipment in each building.

The Commons

Rice Hall