Using Amazon Chime for Video Conferencing

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Getting Started

1. Install Amazon Chime, or use the web app

Make sure to install Chime ahead of time so you can join your meeting on time. Click below to download and install Amazon Chime. There are apps available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

Using the web app: If you don’t want to install Amazon Chime, you can use the web app in Chrome or Firefox. Just click the link you were sent to join the meeting, click Join Meeting, and enter your name and click next.

2. Launch Chime and Create an Account

  1. Launch the app and choose Sign in / Sign up and enter your email address.

  2. Select Login with Amazon.

  3. Select Create a new Amazon account.

  4. Provide your name, your email address, set a strong password and select Create your Amazon account.

  5. Grant access for your Amazon account to be used with Amazon Chime by choosing I agree.

  6. Check your email and choose “Verify Me”.

  7. Enter the characters presented to complete the verification.

  8. Welcome to Amazon Chime!

If you're having trouble setting up Chime: Visit the Chime Interactive Guide and choose "Install Amazon Chime and Create an Account" at the top of the page.

Join the CCLC Meeting Room

  1. Open the link that was sent to you from the CCLC, and follow the instructions on that page.

  2. If you do not have a link, please email the CCLC staff member you're meeting with to ask for the link. You can also click "How can we help?" below to ask for the link.