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This guide is only meant to help diagnose network problems on your Mac.


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Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Problems


Reboot your Mac

If you're having trouble, the best way to resolve them is to reboot your Mac. Go to the Apple menu, and click Restart...


WiFi Connectivity on CCLC Campus

The Wi-Fi connection on your mac can sometimes become slow or disconnected. Use these steps to troubleshoot:

1. Turn Wi-Fi off and on again

This step can fix most Wi-Fi issues. To begin, open the Wi-Fi menu in the status bar. Click Turn Wi-Fi Off. Open the Wi-Fi menu again, and click Turn Wi-Fi On. Your Mac should reconnect to the "CCLC" Wi-Fi network.

The Wi-Fi menu

The Wi-Fi menu

2. Change your location

If the step above doesn't resolve your issue, and you have a poor connection, try moving closer to an access point. Generally this means being inside a building, and not outside.

If you have a poor connection inside a building after following the step above, please report it to IT staff.

3. Remove other networks

If your Mac is connecting to another CCLC network other than "CCLC", then use these steps to remove the other networks.

Your Mac should only connect to "CCLC"

Your Mac should only connect to "CCLC"

1. Open System Preferences.

2. Click Network.

3. Click Advanced.

4. Find the network, click it, and click the minus (-) symbol.

5. Click OK, then click Apply.

If your Mac doesn't connect to the "CCLC" network, please click the "How can we help?" button in the lower right of your screen to ask for the password.


Getting Help

If you still need help connecting, you call the CCLC and ask for an IT staff member: 207-733-2233.