Sarah Strickland - Treasurer

Robbinston, ME

Sarah’s Downeast roots go back to her great-grandparents who lived in Robbinston on the St. Croix estuary at the turn of the nineteenth century. She has spent 99% of her summers at a camp that her great-grandfather built early in the 1900’s.

Because of her love of Downeast Maine, she and her husband Paul moved to Robbinston in 2012 after buying and refurbishing her ancestor’s farmhouse property and house. Sarah and Paul have two daughters, Kate and Claire, who live in Minneapolis.

Sarah is the founding partner of Strategic Wisdom Partners, a Maine-based organizational consulting practice that offers services to a wide range of non-profit organizations during significant leadership and strategic transitions. She has over thirty years of governance, executive, operations and consulting experience in the non-profit sector. In addition to CCLC, Sarah serves on the boards of the Maine Women’s Fund, the Altrupreneurial Leadership Center, The Robbinston Historical Society, and the Center for Earth Wisdom. She is passionate about all things “Downeast” including CCLC!