Ben Thompson, M.D. - Board Member

Freeport, ME

Ben grew up in South Portland, Maine. After attending Tufts University, he went to medical school at University of Vermont in Burlington. He finished his Family Practice residency in Bangor, and then practiced at Regional Medical Center in Lubec for 10 years. After moving on from there, he went into a group practice with Rutland Regional Medical center in Vermont for three years. In 1999 he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and decided to get out of a regular family practice and open his own practice in Rutland, focusing on exercise prescription and physical activity for his patients. He helped found and was the first chairperson of the Rutland Area Physical Activity Coalition. This was an organization comprised of 15 local organizations and institutions, dedicated to increasing physical activity in Rutland County. At that time he was also on the Vermont Governor’s Council for Physical Fitness and Sports and the board of the Vermont Senior Games.

After his second bout with Lymphoma, he moved with his family back to South Portland. He practiced for one year at True North Health Center in Falmouth, Maine. With the greater clarity that came with two bouts of Lymphoma, he decided to get out of Medicine and has been doing sculptural wood carving and volunteering at the Cancer Community Center in South Portland, where he taught a strength training class for 6 years. He has four grown children and now lives with his wife in Freeport, Maine. Since November 2015 he has been working at Creative Trails, a day program for adults with disabilities, in Portland.


Ben still maintains property in Washington County and has continued his close connections with friends who live in the Lubec and Trescott area. He has followed CCLC closely since its inception and is thrilled and proud to have been nominated to its board. He looks forward to trying to enhance CCLC connections with the medical community and bring focus to reducing chronic illnesses which plague the people of Washington County and Campobello.