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Grand Lake Stream/DLLT: Musquash Stream Canoe Trip

Colin Brown

Enjoy a flatwater canoe excursion through one of the finest wetland ecosystems in Maine, guided by a DLLT staff member. Big Musquash Stream winds through over 5,000 acres of unpatterned fen and freshwater bogs, providing excellent opportunities for swallows, sparrows, Bobolink, bitterns, raptors, and ducks.

Canoes, paddles, and PFDs are provided courtesy of Chet’s Camps.

There is no fee, but space is limited and you must preregister to be included.

Meet at launch site (GPS 45.2341403, -67.6734547) in Grand Lake Stream. From Princeton, follow US 1 north for 3.5 miles to

Passamaquoddy Indian Township, and turn left onto Grand Lake Stream Rd. There will be DESBF signs. In about 3.5 miles you enter Grand Lake Stream and the road becomes Milford Rd. About a half mile later (4.1 miles from US 1), you will arrive at a wide-open marsh with a bridge across the flowage. We will launch from that bridge. Nearest restrooms: Princeton gas stations and grocery store.