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Cobscook Bay region: All-Day Van Excursion

Woody Gillies, Bill Kolodnicki

This popular moving event is limited to 10 participants and fills quickly.

We will bird in five or six special habitats in the Cobscook Bay area to have the opportunity to see an inordinate variety of birds. Stops will be in spruce-fir forests, brush and pole-stage timber, ocean and tidal flats, and fresh and tidal marshes—habitats for a great variety of species from hummingbirds to gannets.

This excursion will be at a leisurely pace to allow you to focus on new and/or favorite birds. Over the course of the day, it will be possible to see most of the birds expected to be in this area. Bring along waterproof boots and layers of clothing. Bug repellant and a refillable water bottle are recommended.

We will picnic along the way. You can either bring lunch or purchase something when we stop at a convenience store.

Meet at CCLC Festival HQ. Restrooms will be available at some stops.