Columbia Blueberry Barrens / Addison Salt Marsh

Monday, May 29

7:30 - 10 am

Guide: Anne Archie

Join us for a trip to the barrens of Washington County in search of nesting Upland Sandpipers and Vesper Sparrows. These large, sandy plains were created by retreating glaciers and are ideal for cultivating low-bush blueberries, a major agricultural crop in this part of the state. We’ll be on the look out for additional species that prefer these open and shrubby habitats including Palm Warbler, Lincoln’s and Savannah Sparrow, Eastern Meadowlark, and Northern Harrier, to name a few. 

While we’re in the area, we’ll swing by Addison Marsh to look for migrating shorebirds and waterfowl such as Black-bellied Plover, Red Knot, and Green-winged Teal. This large salt marsh attracts a variety of waders and dabblers, and offers good viewing opportunities from dry ground.

Where to start:  Meet your guide at the small parking area just west of the Route 1 bridge over the Chandler River in Jonesboro. The lot is adjacent to a church. We will carpool from there up to the blueberry barrens, return to the vehicles after that excursion and caravan together to Addison where we will park in the Post Office parking lot. We will carpool again a short distance to the Addison marshes. If time and weather permit, we may continue our birding in the South Addison or Harrington area for warblers and other migrants.

What to expect:  No strenuous hiking involved.  Bring along snacks and a drink. Restrooms are available at convenience stores along the route.