Presentation by Woody Gillies: "Birds of the Upper Bay of Fundy"

Where: Trescott/CCLC

Sunday, May 28

3 – 4 pm 

Presenter: Woody Gillies has spent 15 years photographing and learning about birds in the Upper Bay of Fundy near Fundy National Park and Shepody National Wildlife Area.

Discussion:  In August hundreds of thousands of small sandpipers forage on enormous mudflats in order to double their body weight prior to long flights to their wintering grounds in South America. Mary's Point and Johnson's Mills are sites to see the birds roosting at high tide and in flight; a spectacle that is truly one of great natural wonders of the world. The tides in this region can be over 45 feet! The salt and freshwater marshes north of Fundy Park are home to a large number of birds and other wildlife. Photos will be shown to learn about the wildlife found in this beautiful area. 

Where: Festival HQ, CCLC in Trescott