Sipayik Walking Path Hike

Where: Perry and Pleasant Point (Sipayik)

Sunday, May 27

7 - 10 am

Guide: Chris Barlett

Join us for an enjoyable bayside stroll as we look for birds in diverse coastal habitats. The paved path, once part of a railroad bed, is level and flat. We can also make short, easy forays on grassy meadow trails and along beaches.

A wide variety of migrating warblers and other passerines can be seen feeding and singing all along the path during early morning including American Redstart, Wilson's Warbler, Blue-headed Vireo, and Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Savannah Sparrow and Nelson's Sparrow nest in the open fields next to the ocean, and Bobolinks have been seen. Look for shorebirds such as Short-billed Dowitcher and Wilson's Snipe around the edges of the brackish pond, and watch for several species of swallow. Swamp Sparrow and Common Yellowthroat can be found in the marshy areas.

The path and shoreline are open and often breezy, so bringing along warm and windproof layers of clothing is recommended.

Meet at the southern end of Sipayik Trail in Pleasant Point. From US 1 in Perry turn onto Rte 190 (County Rd) and follow it for a little over 1.5 miles to the far end of Pleasant Point village. Turn left onto Bayview Drive and follow this somewhat winding road for a third of a mile, bearing right at the fork with Middle Rd (at the Beatrice Rafferty School), until an intersection where Bayview crosses into Treatment Plant Rd. After 700 feet Treatment Plant Rd ends in a circle near the south end of the trail; you can park in one of the marked spaces or on the circle shoulder. No restrooms.