Baring/MNWR: Moving Event - Eagle and Osprey Viewing; Rails, Wrens & Night Hawks; Woodcock and Whippoorwills

Saturday, May 27

6:30 - 9 pm


Guide: MNWR staff


Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge has received national attention since a pair of bald eagles started nesting in an osprey nesting platform in 1991. The pair has successfully raised 13 chicks since then.

Join with Moosehorn staff for an hour of eagle and osprey viewing. The Observation Platform is located along the Charlotte Road immediately south of Route 1. It is wheelchair accessible, and includes free permanently-mounted binoculars. There are no restroom facilities.

We will then stroll through the evening forest, listening for the calls of birds, amphibians, and mammals. The tour route will pass through a variety of wildlife habitats, including forests of various ages, managed and natural wetlands, and a pond. While finding rails will be a prime focus of this hike, other birds that may be encountered include marsh wrens, common loons, pied-billed grebes, American Bittern, Virginia Rail, Sora, Wilson’s Snipe, Common Nighthawk, Whip-poor-will, Hermit Thrush, White-throated Sparrow, and Great Horned, Barred, and Northern Saw-whet Owls. 

In addition, a variety of frogs will call during the evening: Spring Peepers, Wood Frogs, Northern Leopard Frogs, Pickerel Frogs, Mink Frogs, Green Frogs, Bull Frogs, and American Toads. We may also see beavers, moose, white-tailed deer, black bears, bobcats, eastern coyotes (also may be heard), porcupines, and bats. 

The hike will continue with a woodcock watch. We’ll visit the singing grounds of the American Woodcock as we hope to see them engaged in their courtship ritual. Once the sun has set (about 8 pm) we’ll set off in search of Whip-poor-will. Along the way we will attempt to call in or elicit responses from owls. Species that may be encountered include Barred, Great-horned and Northern Saw-whet Owls. We will also listen for the calls of local frogs and toads as well as eastern coyotes, Common Nighthawk, and Common Loon. This will be an easy hike.

Where to start: 

Meet at the YCC Building. Directions: From Route 1, turn onto Charlotte Road and continue for about 3 miles. Watch for a Headquarters sign and a road to your right. Make the right. Take the first right to get to the YCC Building.