Baring/MNWR: Barn Meadow Trail Hike

Saturday, May 27

6:30 – 11 am

Guides: Bill KolodnickiMaurry Mills, and refuge staff

Join Maurry and other MNWR staff for an easy 3-mile hike that follows the Barn Meadow Trail through a variety of habitats: various ages of hardwood and softwood forest, a managed oak stand, wetlands, and fields.
Many neotropical migrant birds may be seen. Birds here can include Double-crested Cormorant, American Bittern, Wood Duck, American Black Duck, Ring‑necked Duck, Osprey, Bald Eagle, Northern Harrier, Virginia Rail, Sora, Wilson’s Snipe, Pileated Woodpecker; Alder, Great‑crested, and Least Flycatchers; Eastern Wood-pewee, vireos, thrushes, Marsh Wren, Belted Kingfisher, Bobolink, Savannah and Swamp Sparrows, and nearly two dozen species of warblers.
After walking the trail we will cross the Charlotte Rd to scan the Magurrewock Marshes from the cross dike and the eagle observation deck for waterfowl, marsh and water birds, and raptors.

Rubber boots and insect repellent are highly recommended.

Meet at the YCC Building on the grounds of the Refuge headquarters (turn onto the Headquarters Rd from Charlotte Rd and follow signs). From there you can drive your own vehicle or car pool to park along Charlotte Rd near the Barn Meadow trailhead and Magurrewock dike. CAUTION: Watch for high-speed traffic on Charlotte Rd. Note that travel time from the CCLC Festival HQ is 45 to 60 minutes depending on the route you choose. Restrooms are at MNWR HQ in the YCC Building and at the Raven Trail parking area further up Headquarters Rd.